Living My Own Life

My parents taught me about the importance of money, not just saving money, but also making money. Basically, they instilled in me the principle that I couldn’t be anyone if I was broke as fuck. If I didn’t know any better, their mentality in life was depicted by Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.”

I took every possible step to make that dollar and keep my parents happy. I listened to my parents and studied boring majors and topics; since the majors I enjoyed in college were said to make little to no bread. I ended up graduating college and landing a job right away; which had absolutely nothing to do with my major.

I thought my life was fulfilled. I thought I was happy. I thought money was the answer to everything.

What they failed to tell me about was all the bullshit that came with focusing on money in Corporate America. I’ve dealt with broken promises for raises, racism, crazy co-workers, bullies, working over time and not getting paid, etc. You name it, I’ve gone through it. Not to mention that I have only been working for a little over 5 years now.

Sitting down and contemplating about these past 5 years, I thought to myself, “this shit is crazy! Why would they want me to work like they did when they dreaded work themselves? I wanted to make a change and have an impact, not be a slave for the paper behind a desk.”

I started to discuss these issues with my friends and co-workers, in which they all agreed that most of us go through our fair share of trials and tribulations. The key part to our discussion was that no one gave us advice on how to tackle life to make sure that we deal with less bullshit. We were all taught to increase our salary by any means possible, even if we had to take jobs that we hated.

Within the past year, I decided to start living my own life and not listen to what people had to say or expected. Now I’m here, writing my first entry, in hopes to inspire those that are in the same struggle I experienced. I’m out to prove that you are not alone. Most of all, I’m here to encourage people to find their own route in life and to follow their passion. It’s your life and only you should define how you want to live.

This space is all about what I want to do, how I want to live, my interests, anything and everything that pertains to my life.

Like Nas said, “Come on this journey, the best journey.”



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