Today’s Lazy Boy Fit

Lazy Fit

I almost never step out of the house without a hat, unless I have to go somewhere nice. Also since the weather is right, I’m all about being comfortable and not sweating through my clothes.

For today’s lazy boy fit:

  • FITTED Hawaii “Aloha” tank top
  • H&M sweat shorts
  • FITTED Hawaii “Brigante” New Era snapback customized by my buddies of Bespoke Cut & Sew
  • Custom inspired Maharishi Bonsai Camo Vans Era painted by your’s truly.

(Please don’t mind the bed sheets, it’s the wifey’s sheets and not mine)

Custom Bonsai Camo Vans

Bespoke Cut & Sew

The underside of the brim to my custom hat.

Be sure to visit the FITTED Hawaii online shop to see what other goodies we have available for purchase!



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