The Standard: Marriekit and Mardino

It seems that everyone has their own standard for what you can expect to be served at parties. I expect to see certain ethnic/staple dishes at certain festivities. You’re bound to see the same dishes, when the same person throws parties constantly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that because I enjoy all kinds of food. I call this “The Standard.

Our good friends Marriekit and Mardino have been throwing a bunch of parties lately: birthday for the oldest, baptism for the youngest, and I forgot the other event. If you were ever invited to a party by these two, or a Filipino party for that matter, these are some of “The Standard” dishes that you will see (pictures from Marissa’s Baptism):

SpaghettsFilipino Spaghetti BeefBrocBeef and Broccoli ChickenSalt & Pepper Chicken Wings CrabStuffed Crab FriedRiceChinese Fried Rice IDKI have no idea what this is… NoodlesPancit Palabok…I think? ShrimpCrispy ShrimpLichonAnd the cream of the crop, Lichon! This is only on special occasions


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