Gundam Age-FX

SDSorry for the lack of updates these past couple of days, I’ve been busy with my new job…good busy that is!

Anyways, I finished the Gundam Age-FX kit a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to posting it today. I actually really enjoyed making this kit, but it also took a lot of time. I didn’t follow the color scheme exactly like the box, but I was stoked with the outcome.

Paint used:

  • Metallic Blue
  • White
  • Chrome yellow
  • German Grey
  • Aqua blue

Gundam Age - FX frontal Gundam Age-FX Rear Gun4 Gun3



BB360 Unicorn Gundam


I finished this kit about two weeks ago. This kit was pretty simple, but if you want to do this kit justice, it will require some effort. All the pink on the legs require paint; I suggest you purchase a really fine brush to get the job done. I would also stay away from all of the stickers except for the eyes. Lastly, your panel line game better be on point because you won’t be able to get the small details with a Gundam pen.

Overall, if you are the type of person that enjoys painting and can see the end result, get this kit. I actually really liked this model since it was basically a two in one. However, if you only use stickers and are the type to get upset that it doesn’t look like the box image…stay away from the Unicorn model. Matter of fact, stay away from the entire SD/BB line.

Paint colors needed in arsenal (if you only plan to use the eye sticker):

  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Dark Blue
  • White
  • Yellow

¬†You can’t really tell, but the white is a pearl gloss white.



Unicorn Mode


MS-06F Custom Zaku

One of my favorite hobbies is building and painting Gundam models. It’s probably one of the biggest nerd activities that started when I was around 10. Just recently I wanted to start building again to see how my skills have developed throughout the years. I must say that I am pretty proud of my work so far.

Below are pictures of my first build about two weeks ago (I haven’t built a Gundam model for about a year and a half).


Zaku back

This Zaku features a custom Matt Black and German Grey paint job with light panel lining, accented with a red painted eye. I wanted a real sleek look for my Zaku and wanted to incorporate the Jordan Bred 4 colorway into this kit. Overall I was more than pleased with the outcome.

If you are interested in purchasing your own kit, click here.