Pockets On Pockets

My order from Project Pockets FTW came in last week!

Project Pockts FTWI haven’t purchased tees since I started working for FITTED, but I’m all about supporting my friends and family. All purchases from Project Pockets will be used to assist Dustin & Katrina’s wedding expenses. The shirts are affordable and made with love; these two are MADLY in love with each other!

You can purchase your tees from the link above. If you want the pocket design on a different color tee or a different neck style, Dustin & Katrina will accommodate you! Also they can source new materials or patterns if you have something else in mind. Support their wedding by purchasing a couple of tees!

Acid Wash

Hawaii Floral

Hello Kitty

Of course I requested the Hello Kitty Pocket tee in black…trying to be a bit manly with HK,


Project Pockets FTW


My good friends (more like family), Dustin & Katrina, are working on their “Project Pockets FTW” campaign for their wedding. They set up the campaign to help fund their big day in early 2014.

If you’ve been to a wedding or had a wedding, then you know how expensive it can get. Budgeting for a wedding is extremely difficult, especially if you have to factor in student loans, rent, etc.

Project Pockets’ tees are affordable and accommodating. They will do the best they can to suit your needs. If you’re interested in custom pocket tees that help a great cause, please support them and purchase a couple. Make sure to visit their site regularly, as they are always updating with new fabrics and styles.


Today’s Fit…Semi Grown Man

Semi Grown Man Fit

Since the wifey is going to be a Ninang today, I have to dress semi nice and can’t be rocking a hat in church. It’s too hot to be dressed like this, but for the homie’s daughter’s baptism, I’ll make an exception.

Today’s fit:


Today’s Lazy Boy Fit

Lazy Fit

I almost never step out of the house without a hat, unless I have to go somewhere nice. Also since the weather is right, I’m all about being comfortable and not sweating through my clothes.

For today’s lazy boy fit:

  • FITTED Hawaii “Aloha” tank top
  • H&M sweat shorts
  • FITTED Hawaii “Brigante” New Era snapback customized by my buddies of Bespoke Cut & Sew
  • Custom inspired Maharishi Bonsai Camo Vans Era painted by your’s truly.

(Please don’t mind the bed sheets, it’s the wifey’s sheets and not mine)

Custom Bonsai Camo Vans

Bespoke Cut & Sew

The underside of the brim to my custom hat.

Be sure to visit the FITTED Hawaii online shop to see what other goodies we have available for purchase!