Foodies at Dash

If you’re ever in Honolulu, make sure you visit Dash Gastropub for some drinks and good eats! We ended up going to Dash for Jared’s installment of Hungy Time (yes it is HUNGY TIME without the r). Check the food pics:


Miso Ribeye


Krispy Kalbi Sliders

Putine Fries

Putine Fries

Garlic Bacon Fried Rice

Garlic Bacon Fried Rice

Yukari Chicken & Green Tea Waffles

Yukari Chicken & Green Tea Waffles


Chicken Bao Sliders


PWK Shot (with Lemon x Li Hing Mui)

AliaWifeyAlia Aiko & Wifey talking story

FamThe crew minus Jared…since he took the photo.


The Standard: Marriekit and Mardino

It seems that everyone has their own standard for what you can expect to be served at parties. I expect to see certain ethnic/staple dishes at certain festivities. You’re bound to see the same dishes, when the same person throws parties constantly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that because I enjoy all kinds of food. I call this “The Standard.

Our good friends Marriekit and Mardino have been throwing a bunch of parties lately: birthday for the oldest, baptism for the youngest, and I forgot the other event. If you were ever invited to a party by these two, or a Filipino party for that matter, these are some of “The Standard” dishes that you will see (pictures from Marissa’s Baptism):

SpaghettsFilipino Spaghetti BeefBrocBeef and Broccoli ChickenSalt & Pepper Chicken Wings CrabStuffed Crab FriedRiceChinese Fried Rice IDKI have no idea what this is… NoodlesPancit Palabok…I think? ShrimpCrispy ShrimpLichonAnd the cream of the crop, Lichon! This is only on special occasions

Food Truck Fatties

This past weekend, we decided to check out the Del Mar Food Truck festival. The wifey and her cousin love all the hype behind Food Trucks, so it only made sense that Aaron and I joined the outing…plus we on that double date tip. However, I never really turn down food and secretly wanted to go.

This was more of a Food Truck convention, due to the fact that there were about 50 trucks there. A lot of the trucks that were present were on the Food Network, specifically season 2 winners: The Lime Truck. Overall the event was mediocre, maybe because I hate the heat and waiting in line. Nothing really screamed out at me, but a lot of trucks sold out of their staple items. I did enjoy everything that we ate inhaled.


FT11It was packed, and I mean packed. Aaron and I basically looked for trucks that didn’t really have a line because we were starving. Here’s what we got:

FT7Sloppy Tots FT FT2Sudden Death! From the description, I was expecting for something super hot that would make me crap my pants. Sad to say that it didn’t even scratch the surface. The dog was still delicious, but I was expecting something super spicy.

Here’s what the ladies went with:

FT4 Asian Slaw French Fries with some meat…I don’t rememberFT5 LongBoards’ Ice Cream! FT8 Lobster Grilled CheeseFT3Cap N Crunch Crab Cakes…DOPE!

Spam Katsu Musubi


Looking for something simple, but delicious to make? I present to you the Spam Katsu Musubi (S/O to Bruddah Moy for the recipe and idea). The wifey and I are huge Spam Musubi fans, so we had to give this a try. It’s fairly simple, but does take some work.

Ingredients needed:


  • 2 cans of Spam (we use Spam Lite because we still try to stay fit)
  • Furikaki
  • Roasted Seaweed
  • Katsu Sauce
  • Rice
  • Corn Starch
  • Panko (we have a whole lot of Panko and it’s evident in that red jelly bucket)
  • 4 Eggs


  1. Cook your rice.
  2. Mix the Panko and Corn Starch in a bowl.
  3. Crack open 4 eggs in a separate bowl and mix them well.
  4. Slice the Spam according to the thickness that you want.
  5. Dip all Spam slices in eggs and then coat in Panko/Corn Starch mix.
  6. Fry Spam in pan (must use a lot of oil to get that nice golden brown color)Spam3
  7. To shape the rice, use the Spam container. I like to smash the rice down tightly and then use the container to shape the rice.Spam2
  8. Break the Seaweed in half. Place the shaped rice in the middle of the Seaweed and top if with Furikaki. Pour some Katsu sauce over the rice and then lay down a piece of fried Spam on top. Wrap the Seaweed around the concoction and pour some more Katsu sauce to seal the Seaweed together.Spam Katsu


Optional: You can add a layer of scrambled eggs between the rice and the fried spam, just like the first picture.