Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Butter Combo

Berry Dessert!

Today’s mission was to create something superb with my favorite ingredients at the moment. Since I’ve been living off of juice, cookie butter, Arctic Zero, and raisin bread, I decided to combine everything. I present to you, the Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Butter Combo, in mixed berries and chocolate peanut butter banana style!


  • Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread
  • Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple Pint
  • Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter Pint
  • Trader Joe’s Crunchy Cookie Butter
  • Banana
  • Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, & strawberries

Ingredients Needed


Ingredients part 2


  1. Defrost your Arctic Zero pints for at least 10 minutes
  2. Toast your bread Toast Bread sukkas
  3. Spread the Crunchy Cookie Butter on one side of each slice
  4. Slice up your banana and strawberries.
  5. Place the banana slices on one piece and the strawberry slices on the other piece. Fruits on bread!
  6. Place a couple of blueberries on each slice
  7. Scoop out Vanilla Maple onto the slice with all the berries. Top with raspberries and blackberries
  8. Scoop out Chocolate Peanut Butter onto the slice with all the berries.

Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Butter



Arctic Zero Delight Sandwich

Dessert!I’ve been eating SUPER clean because my wedding is coming up in a couple of days. However, I really wanted to indulge myself into something delicious without jeopardizing my current diet.

I made my usual trip to Juice Adventure on Saturday and came back with flaxseed oatmeal cookies. After taking a bite, I decided to make a healthy alternative to an ice cream sandwich. To complete this concoction, I used Trader Joe’s Crunchy Cookie Butter and Arctic Zero’s Mint Chocolate Chip. If you never tried either of these products, you are missing out!



  1. Spread the crunchy cookie butter on one side of each flaxseed cookie.
  2. Scoop a nice healthy serving of Arctic Zero (after it defrosted) onto a cookie.
  3. Place the other cookie on top of the scoop.
  4. ENJOY!

Simple, fast, and easy. I devoured this with the quickness…only to wish I had enough for seconds.